Monday, July 28, 2014


HEY GUYS, this is important. Always keep in mind that;

You could be an attractive guy, you could have a lot of money, you could drive an expensive car, you could be in great shape, but that's only what pulls certain girls in and that's only what keeps THOSE girls around. But if you're not good at the little things like carry a conversation with a girl,
  • if you can't be a good listener, 
  • if you don't know how to be respectful, 
  • if you don't have in you to be mature, 
  • if you can't treat a girl right, 
  • if you cant be honest, 
  • if you can't be loyal, 
  • if you have anger issues. 
The list goes on. [ I'd recommend the 27 Characteristics of a Loving Man]
The point is, if you lack all the things that really matters to a girl at the end of the day, then you'll not be able to maintain a relationship with a girl for long. You might be able to impress her, you might be able to
excite her, you might be able to thrill her, but it won't be for long. Eventually, she'll be like "What else does he have to offer? Is this all there really is to him?" and then the infatuation wears off.

So while you're building up your bank account for your own ego, don't forget to build some character too, because that's what keeps the girl and keep the relationship Amazing!

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