Sunday, May 25, 2014


  • A GIRL has pride after arguments, but a WOMAN has heart and emotions.
  • A GIRL tells her man all the things he does wrong, a WOMAN acknowledges her man’s hard work!!
  •  A GIRL run on the streets and chill with her friends, while a WOMAN enjoys time with her man planning ahead for their future!!
  •  A GIRL exchange words with her man, a WOMAN keeps quite and listen to her man.
  • A GIRL keeps her password on her cellphone, while a WOMAN is confident enough to say “Darling can you answer that for me?”!!
  •  A GIRL complains about spending too much time with her man, a WOMAN plans vacations and getaways because she is wise enough to notice tomorrow isn’t promised!!
  •  A GIRL tells her man he is cute, but a WOMAN tells her man he is handsome.
  •  A GIRL takes her man to the house, but a WOMAN takes her man home
  •  A GIRL tells the whole world her heart is broken, but a WOMAN keeps her life in line, with tears in her eyes she still manages to say "Nah! I am fine."
  • A GIRL is always thirty for attention, while a WOMAN has standard.
  • A GIRL settles for less but a WOMAN knows her worth.
  •  A GIRL will read this and think this is about her, but a WOMAN will read this and thoroughly acknowledge what she needs to fix in her relationship.
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