Friday, March 28, 2014


A real woman is a virtuous woman
Before we look at the Qualities of a Real woman here are the Qualities of a REAL MAN [For Men]
Women are of great essence in the life of any man What does it take to be a real woman?
Sometimes back i posted, "What it takes being a woman"
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1. A real woman is supportive. A real woman supports her man through prayers and encouragement. She is always there for her man no matter the condition and some times supports him financially if need be.

2. A real woman is respectful. She respects her man into whether he's rich or not. She sees him as the
leader, her shield and best friend. She doesn't nag or shout at her man no matter how livid she is. She feels more protected with his presence.

3. A real woman loves her man completely. Most women are very materialistic but a real woman loves and appreciates her man for who he is and not what he is or possess. She loves him with passion and can do anything to make him happy.

4. A real woman don't gossip. A real woman can't gossip about her relationship with her friends especially when she has some misunderstanding with her man. Rather, she settles the issue amicably with her man without letting the cat out of the bag.

5. A real woman is patient. A real woman do not pressurize her man either to do or get something for her. She can carry a particular hair for a very long time without bothering her man. She's patient and understanding.

6. A real woman believes in her man. Her man may still be roaming the street looking for a decent job and/or may have little or none to offer but she's never perturbed. She believes completely in her man that some day, he will become successful and she helps him to achieve his dreams.

7. A real woman keeps only one man and she never cheats on him.

8. A real woman is not greedy. She's satisfied with what she gets from her man no matter how small it is. She's happy with her man and appreciates his efforts.

9. A real woman is kind-hearted. She talks less and hears more.

10. And lastly, a real woman is a virtuous woman.

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