Thursday, October 17, 2013


When a married man wants to sleep with you,
  • He'll tell you about his marital problems
  • Paint his wife as a bad woman, 
  • Promise to leave her for you, 
  • Be rude to her over the phone in front of you, 
  • Spend his nights/weekends with you, 
  • Show you off to his friends/colleagues to prove that he loves you. 
However before you make the 'Biggest Mistake' of your life of agreeing to be the adulteress; just remember that "you're probably not the first woman he's cheated with and you won't be the last."

His wife knows it, his friends also know it. So it's all just part of his cheating acts not because he loves you.
He'll never leave his wife for you and even if he does you'll be the wife he cheats on with other girls. Wait on the Lord you serve to give you the love you deserve!

No matter the benefit, don't be involved in any relationship with someone that is married or engaged already.
If you enjoy cheating with a married man, remember your future husband will one day cheat with other girls or women, [The Evil you do will remain with you, and the good you do will come back to you.]
Don't think it's not true or it'll not be your portion because it happens to others, why not you.

So if you love yourself and your future home or if you want to be a married wife with dignity in the future, keep yourself away from any unhealthy relationship.

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