Friday, November 15, 2013


Hey guys the following are some Simple DONT'S you should really avoid as far as your girlfriend is concerned. If you honestly love her, it’s not much to ask.

♥ Flirting with other girls when you are with her....!

♥ Avoid slow or delayed texts especially when chatting

♥ Ignoring her and hanging out with your friends. Yea, you have friends, but have some time and be with her. After all, you have her too, and she is a friend as well.

♥ Avoid checking out other girls when you are with her.

♥ Making her wait outside the movie (or anywhere else) theaters looking like a loner while she waits for you because you are 20 minutes late...!

♥ Acting like you can replace her anytime.

♥ When she holds her hand out for you to hold, and you just keep walking

♥ Being ungrateful when she gets a gift for you no matter how stupid it looks. She thought of you and she offered what she liked.

♥ When you tell her that you love her just to get into her pants.

♥ When you don’t care about her for 1 week, 1 month, 1 year,... And everything in Between, they are all special to her...!

Be a Gentleman, If you treat any Lady right, She will surely be your queen. And yours alone.

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