Thursday, January 02, 2014


It hurts so much when You try to love Someone but they take you for granted. You try to bear all their insensitive manners but now they’re paying you with eventually replacing you with someone else.
You try to love and care about them but they don’t see any value in all you have done. You have risked your life in many things and you have sacrificed every little thing of yours just to see them happy but all that means nothing to them.

You have tried to be patient with them for so long but now they are dumping you for someone else. You always cry and ask for their attention but they seem not to care. Your life feels so miserable now but they don’t even care of how you feel. Your now feeling like you are at the end of the world and that you have bad luck in love.

Honestly, that’s not the end of the journey of your life. You still have a long way to go and you will meet very many new people. What you’re going through right now is just a lesson to make you strong and to prepare you for the next person.
You’ll be happy again, you’ll find someone else who’ll love and care about you, who’ll appreciate all your efforts and who see your value and appreciate them.

God will help you find someone else who’ll be having fear of losing you, hurting you and that person will be willing to make a family with you.

Its all a matter of believing, and never giving up on Love.

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