Tuesday, June 10, 2014


As midday sets in, there is no sun yet. Tears soak my face.

  • Will I ever see you again?
My heart cries out bitterly as it wishes all the memories to fade with the passing time and days.
  • Where did I go wrong? 
My eyes soaked hoping the pain would fade away and dream of a better day. I still ask myself, when will all this Pain go away?
  • My dear, why did you make that decision, that left me in fear?
I always remember those days when we mesmerized each other in a million ways. We could abide by each others side. Digging deeper into my pockets wasn’t an issue. Sacrificing everything just for you, - material and immaterial, as well as my dignity - in plenty and in scarcity.

Your noise was a melody and your silence was a breeze. How I wish you would come back and stop my freezing. How I wish you could come and soothe my aching heart. Everyday i look for a doctor to repair my broken heart.
  • Was walking away from me the solution?
Why couldn’t we resolve instead of leaving each other in suspense? Couldn't you let me know when your heart ceased being my part?

I still love you. I wish you would see it and I once again be joined together by that beautiful bond.
I reminisce those day s i could boldly call you mine.

But, where do broken hearts go?  
~ Jacqueline

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