Tuesday, July 15, 2014


This is interesting, and sadly its actually the truth. Most relationships fail because of this. So i decided to explain it to both Ladies and guys.

Now, the problem with guys is they don't realize what they have when they are in a relationship. With time, they eventually start taking what they have for granted because they're so sure they aren't going to lose her and because they believe that. They stop trying as hard as they used to. They stop caring as hard as they used to. That's when the girl slowly starts getting fed up because she isn't seeing a lot of effort and love like she used to and then eventually, she give up and leaves for another guy in search for that love and care she thought she had. 
Then the guys now realize how much these girls mean to them after seeing them be with other guys.


The problem with girls is they don't know what they want. Good guys show them how much they are serious with them but they take them for granted. They eventually start feeling confused with all the guys they talk to because all these guys try to prove themselves to these girls and they can't decide who to be with because they're all great guys. That's when the guy slowly loses his patience because he isn't seeing the girl making up her mind about him and then eventually, he'll give up. Then the girls realize how they feel about these guys after seeing them happily with other girls.
They end up making wrong choices and they fall in love with wrong guys who don’t even mind breaking their hearts.

Bottom line is, 
Guys always love, care and treasure these Ladies. You don't know what you have until its gone. Treat her like a queen, and if she really loves you, she will treat you like her King. And for you Ladies, if he is true to you, what else are you waiting for.? There is nothing like a Perfect man. Everyone has flaws, but if they are true to you, that's all what matters. Love him, and him alone. and eventually you will enjoy the great feeling of being in love with someone who equally and amazingly loves you.

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