Sunday, September 22, 2013


  • She can't trust men not cause she wants to but those she trusted broke the promise they made to her. 
  • Its not that she doesn't wanna be with you but she afraid in the end she gonna get hurt just like others did to her.
  • You tell her that your different from others but she heard same words from others who she once met.
  • You can say I LOVE YOU when you mean it but to her those who said that to her didn't mean it.
  • Now she don't believe in your words but she needs action.
  • You will say am not gonna hurt you, yeah she knows when she gives her heart to you, same thing will happen and you will still break her heart. 
  • She afraid to see that happens.
Sincerely to Men:
Most ladies are afraid not cause they are but cause they already know whats gonna happen but they still try to give in. But instead of you try to make her happy, You make her feel depressed each day. You hurt more than she deserve just because you got what you want.

Change. Be different, make her happy, make her feel secure with you.   

Make her trust you and you will get the best reward from her.

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