Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Dear beloved Single Ladies and friends, I found out some reasons which I believe if you read through this message and amend your ways, you might join the women of your church to celebrate mother's day in your church because after reading this and putting it into practice and amending your ways, you will not only get married but you will also live peacefully with kids in your own husband's house.

80% of single ladies that are due for marriage but still single are the cause of their problem.
Why do you flirt around?
Why do you have pre-marital sex?
Why do you go to clubs?
Don’t you know that eyes are watching you?
Why do you want to be the latest chick in your territory?
Why don't you have manners of approach?

The truth is that most Men can promise you heaven and earth just to take advantage of you, how can you be sleeping with the same man everyday and still expect him to marry you, what is he now looking for in you? You leave your place and relocate to a different place and start hustling believing that no one knows you there, don't you know that whatsoever you do must come back to you weather good or bad unless you repent and seek for Christ, some people believe that after messing up they will go to the church and pretend to be a saint just to get married, but can you deceive God?

If you can avoid sleeping in a man's place, having sex before marriage, going to clubs then you are next to getting married. Most people after messing up their youthful age they will now start blaming somebody for using witchcraft on them. Once you respect yourself and keep your body, God won't let any man mess up your marriage. The truth is that once you respect your God by keeping your body unstained, you will never seek for husband rather they will seek for you.

People are watching you whether you like it or not, you may pretend to be a saint and deceive a man into marrying you but will that marriage last?
Will they be peace in your home?

Dear sisters, change and seek for forgiveness. And then train your attitude, do not reject men due to money, don't be too luxurious in spending, learn to be humble and submissive, do not pretend to be what you are not rather train yourself to be what you want to be and then be respectful with all this. God will notice you and people will see there future wife in you, no force can stop you from getting married because God has noticed you.

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