Friday, January 03, 2014


Do not hate relationship
because of past experiences
  • Never depend on your boyfriend like he is your father, show him that before he met you, you are comfortable and without him you can still be comfortable.
  • Do not detest a man because he is not rich. Rather remember that, he who is rich today, he may not be rich tomorrow and he who is poor may not be poor forever, Richness is like a table fan, it Rotates.
  •  Do not hate relationship because of past experience, rather know that every relationship is a lesson and I tell you, never you close your eyes because of the bad things you have seen because you will never know when the good one passes by if your eyes are close, don't give up on love.
  • Never you say real men doesn't come to you when all about you is fake, dress code, lifestyle, your name, background etc.
  • Don't say men are just after your body when you show off all your body parts. The way you dress is the way people address you.
  • Do not say you have dated him for years yet he doesn't want to move the relationship to the next level, my sister every relationship must not end in marriage.
  • Do not say all men are the same due to a heartbreak, remember even the bible said: as our facial aspect differs same goes to our characters and lifestyles.
  • Do not be in a hurry to marry because as God knows your birthday same goes to your death day, he knows all our profile because we are only like pencils in the hand of the creator, when your time comes it will happen just like death.
  • You say guys are not serious with you, when the background of your pictures are always in his hotel room, Joints and inside different cars. On Facebook you have more than 4,353 friends, you are on bbm with over 1,000 bbm contacts, you’re on 2go with more than 2,000 friends not to talk of Badoo. Whatsapp, Eskimi, and many more. Which means you may be emotionally confused.
  • Always know that, things happens the way God wants it.
All the best in your Relationship. 
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