Sunday, January 19, 2014


I know sometimes you feel like giving up. Every new day there’s seems to be no change in your life.
All the troubles of your heart and worries keep on worsening! You wonder why everything is happening to you.

You keep on asking yourself why you’re not lucky like other people. You keep on praying to God but so far he hasn’t answered your prayers. Now you have started losing hope. You now think that maybe you were meant to be like that or maybe somebody cursed you.

We all feel the same once in a while in life. But I tell you what …You weren’t meant to be like that and you weren’t cursed. God is silent but he watches you day and night. He listens to your prayers and he has something special for you. Just stay strong, focused, and be hardworking and keep praying to God.
Bear it in your minds that you’re not alone in that hard situation, we all in the same boat.

Your time is coming soon when your tests will turn to testimonies. Remember it’s always darkest at dawn and God can’t test you beyond what you can handle. Just when the caterpillar thought life was over, it turned into a butterfly.

Last but not the least, every test is a stepping stone to future greatness and what doesn't kill you, always makes you stronger.

Spread HOPE in their life.

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