Thursday, October 24, 2013


Yea, i understand  Ladies can really hurt, especially if the have undergone bad relationship in the past. 
If she is this kind of a lady, it would be hard to understand her.

But guys, if you are an option to her Don't let her be a priority to you.
If it didn't work Probably it was never meant to be.
  • You're here losing sleep over a girl who's probably sleeping just fine with another guy on her mind.
  • You're staring at your phone waiting for a text from a girl who's probably having deep conversations with another guy..
  • You're posting subliminal status's about a girl who's probably too busy paying attention to another guy's status's to read them.
  • You're crying over a girl who's probably making another guy smile right now.
If you're not the guy she gives her all to, then she's not the girl you should be stressing over!

Ladies, keep in mind that, Men too loves for Real.

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