Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Dudes, If there’s one piece of advice you really need, it’s this. Don’t be brash and reckless and say things in the heat of the moment when you want to confess your love to a girl, and more importantly, don’t wait forever and expect things to just magically fall into place because you love a girl and don’t have the courage to fess up!

If you want to confess your love to a girl, let her know what’s on your mind. But at the same time, don’t tell her anything about it! Confused? Well, just use these five easy steps, and you’ll see just how amazingly easy it can be to make a girl fall in love with you even before you ask her out.
  • Start talking to her.
    Is she a friend, or is she someone you walk past occasionally? The first thing you need to do is to find a way to get to know her better. Get her attention and make a great first impression when she’s around. Arousing a girl’s curiosity and making her think you’re a great guy can make things a lot easier for you. On the other hand, if you’re a shy guy who doesn’t like being the center of attention, you can always get to know her through her friends or through a common acquaintance.
  • Show off your funny YOU. ♥
    The easiest way to get closer to a girl and make her feel comfortable around you is by using humor. Girls love a guy who’s funny, and it works wonders with women because humor always takes the awkwardness out of any conversation. And even if there’s nothing much to talk about, making a girl laugh will make you memorable in her eyes.
  • ♥ Tease her and flirt with her.
    Before you confess your love to a girl, make sure you stay away from the friend zone. Most guys who are funny and sweet end up falling into a girl’s friend zone because they just don’t know where to draw the line between being friendly and trying to woo a girl. Charm her and compliment her often. Let her see that you notice the little things about her that makes her pretty. If she’s wearing something nice, compliment her about it. If she looks great, tell her she looks really pretty. When you’re trying to woo a girl, always let her know that you find her attractive.
  • Get close to her. ♥
    Try to spend more time with her, especially when no one’s around. It’ll make her feel comfortable around you, and at the same time, she’d start craving for your company and miss you when you aren’t around. Try to do things together, call her often and ask her for her advice and help. Asking a girl for advice, be it about clothing, your life or anything else will always make her bond with you and get closer to you.
  • Text her and get naughty sometimes.
    If you’ve completed the first few steps here, the girl you like would probably really like you too. But just to make sure she likes you a lot in a more-than-just-friends kind of way, warm your way up and start texting her late at night. You could start off by texting late in the evenings, and work your way to texts in bed within a few days. And when you text her at night, look for excuses to get naughty with her. Start off by asking her a few silly questions, and work your way up to the sexier stuff.
NOTE: Don’t be afraid of a Rejection
The biggest deterrent for guys when it comes to confessing their love is the fear of rejection. But think of it this way, the worst a girl could say is ‘no’. By not telling a girl how you feel, you’re only making yourself feel miserable. And what would you do if another guy starts making a move on this girl you like? You need to remember that the worst thing a girl could say is no. Of course, it’ll hurt. But it’s still way better than clinging on to a mad hope that she may see just how much you love her someday. By using these steps here, you can avoid the risk of rejection because you’re making her fall for you even before you tell her you like her. But whatever the reason may be, don’t ever let the fear of rejection hold you back from expressing your feelings. You’ll always regret hiding the truth from her.


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