Thursday, June 05, 2014


One day a man was walking through the desert. He was tired of carrying a heavy cross. His friends comforted him and urged him not to give up, and bear the burden a while longer.

After a while, he complained again, "Lord, its too heavy, please let me cut it a little, so that it might be easier for me to carry".  He cut a piece and he felt relieved. He could now even walk ahead of his colleagues.

Sometime later he complained again, "Please Lord, let me cut if off a little more, so that i may carry it better, and faster too." He cut a piece once again, and he felt much relieved and at ease.

Before he could complain again, they reached to a deep trench. His colleagues said, "Lets use our crosses we have been carrying, as a bridge and cross over"
"Huh!" he exclaimed. Since he had cut his cross, now the cross was too small to help him cross.

We always complain about the crosses we bear but we don't realize its preparing us for the challenges ahead of us. Whatever your cross, whatever is your pain, there is always sunshine after the storm. Perhaps you may stumble, perhaps you may even fall; but God is always ready to answer your call. He knows every heartache, sees every tear, a word from His lips can calm every fear. Your sorrow might linger throughout the night, but suddenly vanish at dawn's early light. The savior is waiting somewhere above, to give you grace and send you his love
Remember, God promised a safe landing, not a calm passage but he promised to be with us through it all.
May God protect you all, Always.

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