Monday, April 28, 2014


A good advice to you Ladies,

There's always going to be those 4 different guys in your life:

Guy #1: Your best friend.
He's there for you always. He would never let you down. Cares about you. Comforts you when you're down. Protects you when you're put down. He would never betray you.
Keep him.

Guy #2: The player.
You can't help but to fall for him. Actually you easily do. He seems to do everything right, so you think you love him. In the end, you find out he played you, lied to you, used you, and probably didn't really even care about you. 
Forget him.

Guy #3: The enemy.
The one who would do ANYTHING just to bring you down. He'll humiliate you, judge you, embarrass you, anything he can do just to make you feel smaller than what you are.
Ignore him.

Guy #4: Your soul mate.
Often turns out to be you're best friend. He tells you how it is, even if you don't want to hear the truth. He'll hold you, kiss you, protect you, and love you no matter what. You can talk to him about anything. He'll see you at your worse and still think you're beautiful. He's there for you no matter what.
Love him.

Unfortunately, most Ladies ignores the Guy #4  because He is mostly Guy #1.
You are always busy looking at the horizons, and not noticing that one guy who would do anything to keep you Happy.

If You need a Soul-mate, and you Have Guy # 1 don't go out there looking for someone else.
He is there for you, what else would you need in a mad.
After all, Guy #1 knows all your weaknesses, and he loves you anyway.
Get serious, Keep Him and Love Him!

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