Sunday, March 30, 2014


When someone wrongs us, we always wants to retaliate. Almost instantly we wants to make them feel what we felt. 
But for those who understand the deeper purpose of the world they consider all these matters as vanity and emptiness. 

A person should know in their heart that all that happens to them, whether good or bad, is because it is God’s will ....  It was God who wished this to happen, and one should not consider taking revenge from the other person, because the other person is not the reason for what happened. 
This is a moment of Grace. We want to like ourselves. And we won’t like ourselves if we are constantly doing the wrong thing by others. 

In my heart, I know that’s not the way to succeed as a human being. The person who did the action is still held accountable, for "God has many agents” through whom He can act. But by forgiving the person who wronged us, it means we have erased the event from our hearts and Rising above our feelings. 

And After That, its when Integrity prevails. 

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