Friday, March 07, 2014


Mark, the father of a family, one day, when returning from work driving in a fairly heavy traffic, was faced with a man who ran hurriedly at the front of his car Mark and was nearly knocking him across to the other track. At that time, the will of Mark was to scream at him and block his path, but then he thought, “Poor fellow! He looks so nervous and he is in a rush, maybe he has a serious problem to solve.”

Arriving at home, Mark received the news that his three year old son had suffered a serious accident and was taken to hospital. Immediately he went there and when he arrived, his wife came to meet him and reassured saying to him:
“Thank God he is okay, because the doctor arrived in time to rescue our son. He is now out of danger.”

Mark felt so relieved and asked his wife to take him to the doctor to thank him. To his surprise he realized that the doctor was that gentleman that rushed past him earlier!


Before you judge someone, consider that behind an attitude, there is a story, a reason that leads a person to act a certain way. What they are doing might be directly or indirectly doing it for you.

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