Saturday, January 11, 2014


  • Never mistake an eagle with a broken wing for a chicken. It is still an eagle. And though momentarily immobilized, soon, the healing takes place and it mobilizes its powers and soars to its place …the high places!
  • Life sometimes deals us with blows and situations that put us down and we forget our true essence; our nature after God. 
  • Our powers to rule and dominate are challenged when unfavorable conditions seem to rule and dominate over us…
  • Never forget who you are and where you belong. Go past the hurt, the hard time, the loss, the discouragement, the fall and let your true essence shine. 
  • Take time to heal, yes, but don’t be intimidated by the previous fall, give it another try…
  • Always remember to fix your broken wings and soar high again.

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