Thursday, January 09, 2014


Everyone goes through heartbreak at some point, and there is no quick 5 minute fix to avoid it. However there are some simple methods to try to cope better with heartbreak:
#1. Give yourself time to grieve.
Take a week or two to cry and mope. Try doing the movies and junk food thing with your boy / girlfriends, or the video game thing with your guy friends. However the first time you crack a smile, you are ready to try step two.

#2. Pretend you are happy.
Go out and try pretending you are happy by taking part in some conversations, smiling and suggesting activities to do. Eventually you will find that you are not pretending and you are gradually starting to have fun again. Also do not listen to sad music after you have finished the mourning period, this is only going to make you feel sorry for yourself.

#3. Stay away from your ex!
There is nothing more painful than having to see your ex and rehash all the details of your break up. This is not a healthy thing to do as it can lead to delusions of them still liking you, and keeps them current in your mind. If you have to be around them  (e.g. you work with them) try to stay as far away as possible and explain to them that if they respect you they will allow you the time to get over it.

#4. Keep yourself busy.
The worst part of a breakup is obsessing over it. If you keep yourself constantly busy then not only do you keep the thinking to a minimum, but you also are so tired by the time night time falls, you don't have any problem sleeping.

#5. Remember, as cliché as it sounds, there are other people out there that you can love and who will love you back. It seems unlikely that you just happened to stumble across the only person in the entire world that it felt right with.

#6. Always feel okay with talking to your friends about how you feel. They have probably felt the same at some point.

#7. If you are having trouble talking to people, try keeping a journal to event your feelings.

#8. If you are still experiencing feelings of depression after a month, or you have suicidal thoughts at any point, please go to see a therapist.

Sometimes intense feelings of shock can mess with your chemical balances and can cause medical depression. No problem is too small, that is what they are there for.

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