Tuesday, January 07, 2014


These are some Marriage Tips Every Man Need To Know:

  • Never Stop Courting Her even after marriage. 
  •  Protect Your Own Heart and hers as well
  •  Always See Her as the Best for that's what she is.
  •  It is not your job to change / fix her. Love her as she is.
  •  Take full accountability for your own emotions
  •  Never blame your wife if you gets frustrated / angry she is not always wrong.
  •  Fill her soul everyday by making her happy and telling her how beautiful and lovely she is to you
  •  Be Willing To Take Her Sexually and keep her satisfied
  •  Don't Be Stupid- Ladies always Adore Smart Men
  •  Give Her Space. Women wants some time alone
  •  Be Vulnerable sometimes. Ask any Lady, its kinda cute
  •  Be Fully Transparent. Honesty is everything for a long lasting relationship. 
  •  Don't Worry About Money. It will make you unhappy for no reason
  •  Always forgive immediately you feel hurt
  •  Always Choose LOVE over anger
  •  Love her unconditionally as much as you possibly can.
  •  Be Honest All the Time
  •  Don't Always Bring People or Your Parents or Relatives in Your Affairs
  •  Don't believe everything you hear- not everyone loves to see you happy
  • Never Stop Growing and learning Together
Last but not the least, always keep in mind that marriage or relationship is for ONLY two people... you and your partner.  Be Wise, and I wish you two a HAPPY RELATIONSHIP.

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