Saturday, November 02, 2013


At first it seems like a mere illusion,then everything becomes vivid as time moves.. You realize that what you had before is slowly disintegration and no matter how hard you try to keep it together it does not pull through.That's because your the only one who wants to keep it going.Then gradually, your fears are confirmed and the line between love and lust is so distinct...

Regardless of the fact, you ignore it all and hold on to the truth you thought you both shared... a *4 letter word* . It finally dawns on you that the one you shared in the beginning was not love, rather lust. Your heart is so dry you look up to the one you 'loved', you see a mirage and think its an ocean...

Still, you hold on, but when you finally let go you find the true 4 letter word and realize that's why it never worked before.

Being in Love is awesome! Unfortunately, Some believes there is no Love, this is because they are too engrossed in picking pebbles while they've got real treasure at their disposal. Relationships are bliss but only to those who already know what they want in life because it takes a focused and committed person to last through a relationship.

If it doesn't work out for you, just know that you possess none of the above and try to work on it. And you should never give up on Love, you never know when that Four letter word emerge in your world, and make you feel alive again!

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