Saturday, October 05, 2013


Life is not a bed of roses. It's Ups and downs abound. God never promised you a safe flight but he did promise you a safe landing. This world is just a passing wind. Live well with everyone, make history and go your way. You will come across ugly occurrences full of shame, you have no one to blame. Sit down, ponder on the word of God and rise to fame.

You may be down but not out of the game, things will never be the same.... Ask me and I'll tell you to name: Righteousness and Faithfulness elevate to a name so powerful than Michael Power, ~Alpha and Omega God of all creation.

Fear is just a sheer bomb. Use the test in your life to  tell a testimony, you are too blessed to be stressed so 
why do you look frail? Jesus was nailed on the cross to emancipate you from hell, well, smile again.

God has been so faithful in my life that i don't lack, things looked awry, sorry, boring and ignoring but i said no worry, today am here smiling in jamboree. From grass to grace i rest. I cried and cried then God came 

to my rescue. It takes lots of meekness to harness a blessing. 

Ask me more, i fear no man, God is my fortress.  Human beings are sketchy, don't trust everyone or else you will rust. Some will use you when you have the money. They will call you honey, hottie hottie before they leave you rotting, 

In 20's you feel like 60's, life is dusty depending on your nasty perception. Be humble, don't rumble with a fool or else you'll be numb like wool.

At this closure i rest my composure.
Remember: For greener pasture, Christ is always the answer.


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