Saturday, October 26, 2013


For The First Time After 18 Years Of Marriage, She prepared the worst dinner because her husband forgot the marriage anniversary.. The vegetables were over cooked, meat was burned and salad was too salty.
At the dinner table, Her husband kept silent while he was eating.


When she was in kitchen washing dishes he came to her, smile at her and kissed her on her forehead, "Why
is this kiss for?"
She asked him, and she was amazed by what he said,

"Tonight your cooking reminded me of your cooking in the first days of our marriage! It reminded me of your cooking as a new bride, So i wanted to treat you as if you are a new bride..."


LOVE is NOT to say, But to understand..
LOVE is NOT to Find Faults, But to make the Best..
LOVE is NOT to Demand, But to sacrifice..
LOVE is NOT Blind, But it Doesn't need to see

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