Thursday, September 19, 2013


The Sinner that I am
Struggling with all these vices
Trying to remember that I once had virtues...
That if I had to...choose
I'd go back, Back to the righteous ways
Back to your Chosen Hearts
Avoid the ways of the world
Avoid that's sweet yet corrodes
That which sweeps and erodes
That which makes this metal rust
With examples of drinks and lust
I'd be full of prayers and maybe even fast
In this society
Of the high and mighty
Where virtues are now taken lightly
Or not even taken at all
Where vices are embraced
Where when told otherwise we become enraged
Speaking of which,
Am I preaching water and drinking wine?
Am I doing evil yet pretending to be divine?
Nope, no My Lord,
I acknowledge that I am dark
And even in their eyes I'm the opposite of an angel,
my color is dark
But that's the sinner that I am
The one who repents and still sins
The one who has been confused ever since...
The sinner that i am
I seek re-connection
The sinner that I am
I seek your attention, redemption and protection.

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