Thursday, September 26, 2013


To best understand this, Please read the following story,
Once, an old woman was sitting on a bench of a garden with her 25 years old son. There was a tree beside the bench. Old woman saw a bird sitting on the tree. She asked her son:-"What’s that?"
Son replied, "It’s a crow." Few Minutes the woman again asked, "Son, what’s that?" 
Son said,  "I already told you that it’s a crow." 
A moment later the old woman again asked, "What’s that, son?" 
The Son angrily said,  "Are you deaf or mad, mama? How many times to tell you it’s a crow. Can’t you understand? 

Old woman patiently replied,
"My dear son, when you were  5 years old, you asked me 174 times the same question that what’s this and I replied every time with a kiss that, it’s a crow! Now, I asked you 3 times and you were irritated?"

This is the difference between the love of parents and love from their children.. Children might not love their parent, but parent will always love their children, no matter how bad they become. So please lets do our duty when your parents are dependent on us. Lets LOVE them. Don’t hurt them. after all we'll be in their shoes soon.

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