Friday, September 27, 2013


NEVER loose a man with the following qualities;
  • a man who will walk with you, holding your hand in public
  •  a man who will publicly kiss you when he is about to go somewhere
  •  a man who's not afraid to introduce you to his folks at home and to his friends
  •  a man who says "I love you" everyday and always tries to prove it
  •  a man who loves to discuss the future with you
  •  a man who will encourage you on every aspect of life and assist in achieving your goal
  •  a man who talks about raising a family with you
  •  a man who will go a long way to help you get what you've always wanted
  •  a man who will say "I'm sorry, I regret it and I promise it won't happen again" and really meant it when he said so
  •  a man who won't make you insecure
  •  a man who'll make love to you and whisper romantic words into your ears
  •  a man who'll tease with you and share everything with you
  •  a man who appreciates the way you are, who will always congratulate you time and again on a job well done
  •  a man who'll tell you that you look beautiful when you get done with your hair or after you get dressed
  •  a man who'll spend his last coins just to give you a big treat and make sure you are having fun
  •  a man who'll say "I miss you sweetheart and it hurts"
  •  a man who will excuse himself from his friends just to give you the maximum attention you deserve
  •  a man who will treat you like a QUEEN, who sees the best in you 
I believes such men exists. Ladies you have to believe, and change your attitude and thinking towards men and you will surely find one.

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